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Shepherd’s Pipe / sípok


Pipes, together with drums, are ancient instruments recalling old beliefs of Hungarians. Pipes are made of reed, bone and wood. Their size and number of holes vary. Some pipe varieties are:
· Willow Pipe, a toy variant of the recorder without holes. It is made in the Spring, when the branches of the willow are still fresh.

· Pottery Pipe, a lip pipe in the shape of bulls, cocks, birds. Some are called cuckoo after the sound they make. They have one or two holes. Sometimes water is poured into the pipe to get the sound of chirping birds.

· Reed Pipe, an ancient instrument, which can be made easily. Used, when better instruments, like a recorder or bagpipe were not at hand.

· Double Reed Shepherd’s Pipe is made of maple, willow or elder. The wood is widened with a hot iron, and polished on the in- and outside. Sometimes a reed pipe is inserted. The mouthpiece and holes are carved with great care.
· Bagpipe Stalk, a double recorder, without a bag, is made of hard wood. It sounds like a bagpipe.
· Chanter Pipe or Drone Pipe, a double pipe made of elder wood. Double pipes are played simultaneously.

· Gourd Pipe or Recorder, an instrument used by minstrels and folk singers of regös songs. It is made of gourd, and can be considered a simple version of the töröksíp.